Monsson Group
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Monsson Group
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North Star Shipping
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RATC Constanta

Our company focuses on complete representation of our clients. Our services are directed permanent and exclusively directed to the improvement and performance of the client’s activity. Regarding the professional ethics code, the client’s interests will always be a priority.
In our daily work, we aim to keep the customer properly informed and announce him on time about the changes that occur in the field procedures.
The confidentiality information obtained from the customer or for the customer is guaranteed, even after the end of our collaboration.
Our clients are Romanian and foreign legal persons, groups of enterprises, public institutions, non-profit companies, individual offices.

Areas of activity:
√ providing services
√ hotel industry
√ wholesale and retail
√ intellectual ownership
√ business brokerage
√ real estate developments
√ research and education
√ transportation
√ vessel construction
√ public institutes
Prices charged by our company are as recommended by professional bodies that regulate our activities: C.E.C.C.A.R., Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania, Chamber of Fiscal Consultants and adapted to customer requirements.
The services offered are complex that is why we cannot publish a price list for each type of performance. If you want a personalized quotation please contact us by phone or e-mail.