Monsson Group
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Monsson Group
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North Star Shipping
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RATC Constanta

Professional accounting services

Our company is specialized in providing complex financial and accounting services and solutions including related services: organization of financial accounting, cost accounting management for specific conditions, organizing property inventory operations, development of politics and accounting procedures guide.

Audit services
√ External audit
√ Internal audit
√ Related services

Our audit procedures help managers and decision makers from the audited companies to achieve objectives and successfully grow the economy by measuring performances through risk management and efficient use of management information.

Accounting expertise
√ Contractual accounting expertise
√ Balance sheet verification and certification in accordance with the law

Economic, financial and fiscal, consultance and assistance
√ Preparing international monthly, quartley and annual reports packages, as required by customers;
√ Preparting the revenue and expenses budget, business plan and feasibility study;
√ Consultancy concerning financial, accounting and tax legislation.
√ Recommendations and assistance with personal income tax.

Other specific services, depending on the client’s needs
√ Diagnostic analysis of the enterprise;
√ Economic recovery plans for companies in difficulty;
√ Reorganization of enterprises: divisions, mergers;
√ Packagers tailored to the client’s company.